AD8347 800 MHz TO 2.7 GHz RF / IF Quadrature Demodulator

Product Details

The AD8347 is a single chip, broadband 2.7GHz quadrature demodulator. The part integrates 65dB linear-in-dB AGC, divided between RF input and at the baseband outputs following the mixers. The In-phase and Quadrature signals are brought out off chip for filtering prior to the final output amplifier stage. The final output amplifiers allow the user to adjust the DC common mode level to provide a direct interface into a dual channel I/Q ADC.

With 65dB linear-in-dB gain control, 50MHz demodulation bandwidth and excellent phase and amplitude balance the AD8347 is ideally suited direct conversion radios in point to point and point to multipoint broadband wireless applications.

The AD8347 is fabricated on an advanced bipolar process, operating on a single 3 or 5 volt supply, packaged in space saving 28 lead thin shrunk small outline (TSSOP) package and fully specified over the -40 to +85 C temperature range.


Samples and an evaluation boards part number AD8347-EVAL are available to order.

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Features and Benefits

  • 800MHz - 2.7GHz RF Input Range
  • Integrated 65dB AGC Amplifiers
  • Integrated Baseband Level Detectors
  • Integrated Baseband Output Amplifiers
  • Single Supply 2.7 to 5.5V with Power Down
  • Quadrature Phase Accuracy 3 degree
  • Amplitude Balance 0.3dB
  • Third Order Intercept IIP3 +12dB
  • Noise Figure 11dB
  • Low LO Drive -10dBm