HMC984 Digital Phase-Frequency Detector

Product Details

HMC984LP4E is a high-performance, ultra-low phase noise, SiGe BiCMOS Phase-Frequency Detector and Charge Pump targeted to be used together with the HMC983LP5E (Fractional Frequency Divider) to together form a high performance, low noise, ultra low spurious emission fractional-N frequency synthesizer.

Although best performance and maximum features are achieved when used together with the HMC983LP5E, the HMC984LP4E can also be used as a stand-alone, low phase noise phase frequency detector.

The HMC984LP4E can receive differential VCO input, and a reference frequency as high as 150 MHz. It features a 14-bit reference frequency R-Divider, and automatic and/or configurable Lock Detect Indicator, as well as integrated CSP (Cycle Slip Prevention) capability, when used together with the HMC983LP5E, that significantly improves frequency lock time.

Integrated Charge Pump phase swap option enables seamless interfaced to VCOs and active loop filters with inverted polarity.

Additional features include adjustable Charge Pump gain and offset current that improve linearity and performance, and a Soft Reset feature that resets all register to default values without having to perform a power-cycle.

The HMC984LP4E is housed in a compact 24 pin 4×4 mm LP4 package.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-Low Noise:
    • 231 dBc/Hz FOM Integer Mode
    • 227 dBc/Hz FOM Fractional Mode
  • Ultra Low Spurious Emissions:
    • Less Than 60 dBc Fractional Spurious
  • Differential Phase Detector Input
  • 14-bit Reference Frequency Divider
  • Lock Indicator Output
  • Phase Measurement Capability
  • GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) Test Pin
  • Cycle Slip Prevention Support with HMC984LP4E
  • 24 pin, 4 × 4 mm, LP4E Package